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The Beat

of Atlantic Records

Young, Gifted, & Back

As emotional beings we find out who we are at our lowest point and we find out who we want to be when we are at our highest height. Be it a life altering defeat or a successful longtime accomplishment fulfilled, we must continue after the event to be better than we were the last time. Good, great or terrible...better is always the next goal.

Yet the space between the efforts to improve is where we find ourselves. The thing that amazes is what we find in the process. Is it more about us and the people around us, or the fact that our duties (no matter how much we love it), become easier or harder depending on so many variables? It’s also what allows doubt and fear to fester and blossom, but if confidence and experience are solid, one can fight back with talent, hard work and luck.

The one known as Wale Folarin has done just that. Coming back from the depths of music industry banishment after his first album and switching over to a new buzzing label with a Bawse known as Rick Ross, got the DC/Maryland repper back on track. The music is what got him in the game though, and doing more heartfelt rather than strategic music is what saved him.

Atlantic Records has a slew of artists that scrape the bottoms of their hearts and take that matter to the recording booth for all to experience. Now the label takes a moment to shine light on an artist that deserves some detailed introspection in the form of this digital publication. Getting closer to the people that share their thoughts in this media drenched environment is no simple task. Yet, read on and learn about your favorite talent and the inspiration that powers their creative engines.

Wale holds the honorable distinction of being the first featured in this new and exciting way. It also helps that The Gifted album is his most musical, truth tested and whole work of art he’s ever done. Funny part is, he’s not done and far from wanting to be finished. Travel this road with the man that he’s become and will evolve into in the future, cus he’s back and not leaving until it’s time. "Born To Lose, Built To Win" -- Folarin

Respect, Datwon Thomas